Rhona Meyers is a highly sought after and an artistically diverse costume designer in the entertainment industry. Having worked on a multitude of films from big budget with A-List actors and Academy Award winners to smaller independent art films, she puts her mark on each project.


Rhona’s unique style leads to the creation of groundbreaking, iconic characters. Her work effortlessly transcends genres,

bringing  new twists to each character.


Prior to her career in Costume Design she studied fine art at UCLA where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts. Concurrent with her film career she started a yoga clothing line called Mantra Clothing, had a star studded following, received an abundance of press, and sold to major department stores.  She had a home wares line making pillows out of vintage Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton designer bags,  Her latest endeavor is a handbag line that goes by her brand name “ House Of Rhona”


Rhona has always loved costume design and fashion as a means of expression.  She does not like to follow trends… she likes to set them.